By Glitch Team

December 13, 2017

Build a Web App with React

Part 1: Intro to React #

Software Engineers who use React every day explain what React is, when you might use it and why.

Part 2: React Starter #

We take a look at a simple app that uses React, and we introduce the tools and concepts you need to understand it, including Webpack, JSX, components, elements and props.

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Part 3: React Router #

We introduce you to routing, and explain how you can use React Router to add links to additional pages in your app.

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Part 4: React Redux #

We explain how to manage 'state' in your app, and how Actions work with Reducers.

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Part 5: What's Next? #

We suggest some useful add-ons and libraries to try out once you've mastered the basics.

See our gallery of apps that use React.