By Glitch Team

June 22, 2020

Ping Services on Glitch

We’re doing a ton of work behind the scenes to make our infrastructure more stable. ** **As we mentioned in last week’s post:

*One of our big challenges is dealing with third-party services that ping Glitch to keep apps awake. Not all of these services are as reliable as we’d like, and sometimes when there are problems they can cause as much load on our systems as a malicious attack would. We’re not banning the use of pinging (or “uptime”) services on Glitch right now, and we’d like to not have to. *

We did some more investigating and started to temporarily block traffic from ping services to help reduce the load on our servers. The temporary block allowed us to see just how intense a strain they put on the platform.

Despite our attempts to find a happy medium, we’re making the tough call to block this type of traffic permanently. While we’re sorry for the inconvenience this causes some users, this policy change puts us in a much better position to make Glitch more stable for everyone.

If you currently rely on ping services for your project, know that your project or account won’t be suspended. They just won’t work any more as intended. Please email [email protected] if you have questions or are seeking advice about what to do with your projects.