By Jenn Turner

November 10, 2023

October 2023 on Glitch: Slow and Steady

Sometimes slow and steady does win the race. Especially when it comes to good news. This October, conservationists discovered that for the first time in eleven years, the white rhino population in Africa has finally increased! In fact, their overall population increased by 5.6% in the last two years. What does this mean for the Glitch community? Hopefully it takes a little pressure off to create the perfect project the first time around, or even seventh time.

Speaking of building projects, in case you missed it, we’ve been building a new Glitch with you—the creator community—over in our community forum. Head over there to get a sneak peek at the new site, give feedback on ideas, or make your suggestions. We’re building the next iteration of the site, and the community, together!

In other big news from October, our pals at Paradowski Creative, makers of Above Par-adowski (your favorite virtual mini-golf game), released their next big game this month: The Escape Artist. It’s hosted on Glitch, and accessible via your preferred VR headset, so check it out! A preview of their beautiful work is what you see above in the header image.

Lastly, this month we kicked off a community initiative we’ve been wanting to do for forever: Glitch Community Code Jams! Head to the forum to find out what jams are, and how you can participate. Now, for the good stuff—the projects the Glitch community built in October 2023!

~artistic-concise-zebu by @aieong is a cat-centric virtual experience integrating so many of the things we love: music, pastels, flying playing cards and more.

World of WebXR 🥽

Guess as many London Underground metro stations as you can, with this guessing game created by our Fastly friend [@kailanblanks](

Tykes, Types, and Yikes! 🍕

CONTENT WARNING: The next section includes important tools that are used for activism, including one that documents sexual assault, and one with images of a 3D printed nude bust.

~violenciacontramujeres-yanipaper created by @YaNiPaper is an interactive map that geolocates the points where there was a sexual assault or femicide documented since 2018 in the city of Guadalajara.

Tools that Matter 💪

The SAG-AFTRA strike is over, so to celebrate, here is a virtual Timotheé Chalamet paper doll, created by @kris10cabrera. We’ll let you know if we find a Pedro Pascal one.

Fun and Games 👾

And that’s a wrap on another amazing month for the Glitch community! Follow us across the open social web 🌐