By Glitch Team

January 27, 2023

Last Year on Glitch 2022

Every year, we show off the best stuff on Glitch because we want everyone to understand why our community is special. You can see it in the categories we pick, and the creators we feature. Last Year on Glitch is our way to celebrate the Glitch apps that inspired, helped, and overall made us see how fun, friendly, and beautiful the web could be in 2022.

🤯 Most Inspiring Apps

These apps activate and move the community through organizing, education, and storytelling.

“Black Photo Booth” is a print and web zine by Mariame Kaba, designed and built by @netanoir, that intimately explores the expression of Black people through a collection of photo booth portraits.

🏅* Honorable mentions*

🥽 Coolest WebXR Experiences

These apps show the wonder of augmented and virtual reality in the browser.

Achieving their goal of “native-quality VR gameplay & design on the 3D open web”, Paradowski Creative built this mini-golf game on Glitch that, while meant for play using a VR headset, has a beautiful world that can be explored via desktop.

🏅* Honorable mentions*

🛠 Most Helpful Tools

These apps help the community solve problems, big or small!

Fedifinder is a tool by @Luca that searches Twitter for fediverse handles, bringing thousands of people the power to find where the people they want to follow are as recent leadership change on the platform has left a large part of its community feeling powerless.

🏅* Honorable mentions*

🐸 Most Beautiful Apps

These apps look stunning and/or generated art that made us go “Wow!”

Sometimes the most beautiful experience you can have is a simple one. The interaction on @toddwords' small memorial app forces a moment of quiet reflection at your keyboard, reminding you it's good to pause and appreciate the world around you.

🏅* Honorable mentions*

🤣 Made You LOL

These meme-able apps were made to make the community laugh and bring fun to the web.

Have void, will scream into it. Built by @ckolbeck, /dev/null is a hilarious reminder that not every textarea with a submit button needs to actually send every single thought to somewhere perceivable.

🏅 Honorable mentions

▶️ Best Playlist on Glitch

These playlists curated by the community are always “on repeat” and are our go-to for remixing and inspiration.


The @botwiki team, for years, has been showcasing and educating the community on building bots for art, education, and solving problem. This playlist shares several from the community and is a great starting point to build your next creative bot!

🏅 Honorable mentions

🤔 Made You Learn

These educational apps brought us offline and into the real world, taught us to code or enriched our minds.

Relative fiction is a tool by @filipnest that teaches you about, and lets you write through its editor, dynamic stories relative to the reader’s location, time and place. Using APIs like Foursquare, OpenWeatherMap, and more, it’s an incredible concept of using technology for an immersive experience in prose.

🏅 Honorable mentions

🎶 Attack of the clones (All the Wordle and Heardle clones!)

World of Wordlecraft

K-pop Heardle

Most shared song games

📈 Most shared on social media


🤔 Least likely place you’d think you’d find a Glitch app but it’s there

Post your shave to r/wetshaving “a community of enthusiasts, hobbyists and artisans who enjoy a traditional wet shave: brush, soap, and safety or straight razor”

🕺 Number of times our Director of Community’s been rickrolled by a Glitch app


🦉 Most Represented Animal on Glitch

Birds (#teamfish 🎏taking the L)

For more 2022 goodness check out some of the best from around our community in this gallery playlist:


We can’t wait to see what all you create in 2023! ✨