By Jenn Turner

October 11, 2023

Last month on Glitch, the September 2023 edition

Let’s face it, September was full of fails. Travelers tried to put their pets through TSA’s x-ray machines. Americans discovered that they’ve never even heard of the best flavors made by KitKat. And to top it all off, it took New Jersey police two weeks to capture a loose alligator. On the other hand, sometimes it all depends on how you look at things. It’s possible that in these fails, family pets discovered a love of flying, US citizens learned they could order KitKats (like Churro flavored ones!!) online, and one alligator had the best summer vacation of its life.

We’ve definitely been trying to look at things a different way at Glitch. If you haven’t heard yet, we’ve been testing out a new site. You can check it out at ****m and visit the Glitch community forum where we’re asking for your feedback, sharing sneak peeks, and giving the community as many updates as we can churn out to keep up with your ideas!

Speaking of updates, seeing Andy Dilallo’s new Glitch in Bio reminds me that we recently pushed a bunch of updates to the Glitch in Bio starter, so if you want to implement them, be sure to read Keith Kurson’s update on the forum. And now, your feature presentation, the very cool things the Glitch community built in September!

Tools to try ⚒️

*~conant-gasket, created by @christianp, is a visualization of the Conant Gasket, which I’ve just learned is a “particular configuration of vertical and horizontal unit segments drawn between *adjacent points in the non-negative integer grid.” M. Douglas McIlroy.

Art We Heart 🩷

*~moldy-world, by @swimygraphics, is an incredible collection of moldy foods, kept updated.

The Weird and Wonderful Web 😜

*The project featured in this post’s header image is ~flatvend, which looks like a work of art, and is also @Jakehill3’s portfolio of digital zines. Check them out!