By Jenn Turner

October 7, 2022

Last month on Glitch, the September 2022 edition

September just hits different. There’s something in the air. Beyoncé was born this month, and so was Zendaya. Our own fearless leader Anil Dash was born in September, but keeping with the eponymous icons, so were Playlists. That’s right, last September we launched Playlists! Have you created a playlist yet? Share some of your favorites with us in the latest community open thread.

Open thread? Aren’t most forums open threads? No, they aren’t but we’re glad you asked. We realized there wasn’t really an option in our forum for a watercooler-getting to know you-regular old chat. So boom, open threads began! Each week the Glitch team wants to know who you are, what you’re creating, and what you think is interesting, so join us!

Lastly, if you’ve missed hearing from the @glitchdevs Twitter account, not to worry! You can still keep up with what the Glitch devs are thinking about and building by following @FastlyDevs, so make sure to follow, like and subscribe! And now for our regularly scheduled programming. ✨

🎭 Arts and Entertainment

*This ring light app by @aTylerRobertson has a color picker so you’re not stuck with just white light!

😎 Cool Tools

*~wave-rebel-albacore is @potch goofing around with combining 2D marching squares and n-d meta balls

👾 Virtual Game Time

_~needle-fonts-sample by @marwie answers the question on everyone_’s minds: Where are the project’s fonts automatically exported from??????

👽 Miscellaneous, but necessary!

With September firmly in the past, spooky season (or szn, if you like) is now upon us! Please send us your favorite haunted apps and projects so we can—most importantly— love them, but also share them with the Glitch community. 👻

As always, if you have Glitch projects or playlists you built or love and want us to feature, either share them on the forum, tweet them to us @glitch or email [email protected]—we’d love to see your work in our next roundup!

The project featured in this post’s header image is ~duck-color created by @rsheeter which allows you to express yourself with the full range of RGB in the shape of a duck emoji. Enjoy!