By Glitch Team

November 3, 2021

Last month on Glitch, the October 2021 edition

Wow, it’s already over? Are the months going by faster? We were so excited for October to get here! We got to share Playlists with the Glitch community, and as a result, got to see the many amazing playlists you all came up with! Here are a few that we just have to brag about.

Outstanding October Playlists

As always, the Glitch community continued to inspire, surprise, and delight us with your creative concoctions during the past month. Here are a few of our favorite projects, tools, games, and more, created by you—the Glitch community!

Objectively On-the-ball October Projects

Artistic endeavors 🎨

*You will want to bookmark ~meeting-starters by @EzraMechaber, to answer fun questions like “Do you like reality tv *shows?” and “Would you rather smell with your hands or talk with your feet?”

Helpful tools 🛠

*~asteroid-report by @adnroy lets us know what the asteroid situation is at any given moment.

For the culture 🦑

*~vim-sumulator by @melissamcewen is exactly *what it sounds like, only slightly more “Choose Your Own Adventuresque.”

Games we 💖

The project featured in this post’s header image is ~zombie-holocaust-generator built by @derekahmedzai, which lets you generate movie title cards in the style of the 1980 Italian horror film—spooky stuff!