By Jenn Turner

December 2, 2022

Last month on Glitch, the November 2022 edition

We made it! The year’s not quite over but this is the final monthly roundup for the Glitch community, because we have a special surprise for you all next month—but more about that later. With so many things to celebrate during this last month of 2022, we wanted to take the opportunity to look back over the past year and reflect on what makes Glitch so special: the Glitch community!

So for the rest of the year, we’d love for you to join us in celebrating a season of gratitude! All month long, we’ll be sharing our thankfulness for the many creators, projects, contributions, and communities that make up the weird and wonderful world of Glitch.

We also made it even easier to thank creators, by adding a “Thanks” button to profiles. So join us by thanking the creators of your favorite projects, or by sharing your own thoughts, thanks, or bravos on our community forum!

And now, for some of the absolute standout projects of November:

Miscellaneous, but necessary 🤠

*~random-trees-in-circles by @chri*stianp is exactly what the project name is hehe

The Arts 🎭

*~winning-solitaire-rainbow by @forrest you can relive the nostalgia of winning solitaire but with more rainbow!

Fun and games 🎉

The featured Glitch in Bio above is from the Media Archaeology Lab, a community-driven hub for preserving and exploring the history of technology.

New Glitch in Bio sites 😍

Recently joined the Glitch in Bio bandwagon? Let us know and we’ll give your site a shout out!

📣 Call for nominations for Last Year on Glitch 2022 ✨

So that’s another month on Glitch that we’ve had the honor of summarizing and here we are in December, the end of the year. That means it’s time to look back on the last year on Glitch, but we need your help!

We’re bringing back the second annual Last Year on Glitch, where we celebrate the best, brightest, inspiring, educational, hilarious, and thoughtful projects on Glitch. Have a project that inspired you to build something or take up a hobby? See something on Glitch that brightened your day so much, you just had to share it? Learned a cool skill from a demo or tutorial? Let us know by submitting your nominations to us now!

As always, if you have Glitch projects or playlists you built or love and want us to feature, either share them on the forum, tweet them to us @glitch or email [email protected]—we’d love to see your work in our next roundup!

The project featured in this post’s header image is ~low-rustic-baron, a game designed, colored, and created by @scottsb and his 3 year-old daughter.