By Jenn Turner

April 7, 2023

Last month on Glitch, the March 2023 edition

Whether you’re in the northern hemisphere celebrating spring, or the southern hemisphere welcoming the autumn season, there’s one thing we can all agree on when it comes to March — allergies suck. Fortunately, watery eyes and sniffly noses can’t keep the Glitch community down. March was a busy, busy month around these parts so let’s get right into it!

🔖 Creator blogs to read

🥽 The World of WebXR

~deciduous-plain-flyaway, created by @haue807 really captures the sentiment “Graphic Design Is My Passion” and we are here for it.

🎨 **Art we heart **

🤠 Miscellaneous, but necessary!

~ai-states, created by @mapsmania, is another new classic that combines AI with a map of the United States for interesting results.

🕹️ Games and Fun

🖱️ **Tutorials from the community **

And that’s a wrap on another amazing month for the Glitch community! Follow us on the fediverse at @[email protected] where you can share Glitch projects or playlists you built or love and want us to feature!

You can still send them to us via the community forum, tweet them to us @glitch or email [email protected]—we’d love to see your work in our next roundup!

_The project featured in this post’s header image is ~fractious created by @rowan-m explores the fractals in the Mandelbrot set and creates such dreamy images.