By Jenn Turner

August 8, 2023

Last month on Glitch, the July 2023 edition

Did you know that the “dog days of summer” begin in July? If you’re anything like my dog Maggie, the dog days should be more about bothering people to let you outside so you can eat bees, and less about heat and lethargy. See also bothering the cats just to entertain yourself. Speaking of entertainment, we have a full roster of cool apps the Glitch community created during the last 31 days, but before we get to that I want to tell you about a new feature on

Last month we introduced a new feature called App of the Week. Each week we’re selecting projects nominated by the community to be featured on the website — maybe including yours!

To submit your app (or your favorite app) to be featured, just fill out this form, or share your app in the nominations thread on the community forum. We can’t wait to see what you choose!

*~iphonespacergif by @mikker *helps you declutter the homescreen of your iPhone with a handy gif.

Cool Tools 😎

The World of WebXR 🥽

Miscellaneous, but we stan 🙌

~blueridge by @dschep  is a little art project inspired by the Blue Ridge Mountains. (Hint: these mountain ridges are different on each load!)

Artistic Endeavors 🖼️

And that’s a wrap on another amazing month for the Glitch community! Follow us across the open social web 🌐

*The project featured in this post’s header image is ~futureroom by @blippypixel is like if Geocities was a virtual room. Look for the lava lamp!