By Jenn Turner

September 12, 2023

Last month on Glitch, the August 2023 edition

What made you first fall in love with the web? I’m trying to remember my first impressions, but as far back as I can recall, each new discovery made me excited for the next one. First it was email, messages I could send to my (other sixth grade) friends without mailing a letter or passing a note! Then, designing my own site on GeoCities – a space that was completely up to me to decide how to decorate, or express myself. Around the same time, ICQ gave me rapid real-time messaging with new friends from around the world. Each time the world got a little more accessible to me.

We have it all now. So, what makes you excited about the web now? What are you looking forward to next? I’m really bad at predicting the future, but I’m pretty great at loving all the ways the web makes us excited, inspired, and delighted. I know one thing for sure, the Glitch community continues to create projects that make us smile, help us out, and capture countless ways to inject a little more fun in the everyday.

Fun stuff only 🎡

This colorful dataviz app was shared in a recent interview with Gissoo Doroudian that you can [read here](

Digital art  🖼️

Games galore  🕹️

~sumptuous-crystalline-palm by @AvinashSharma converts your random color library to the nearest matching Material or Tailwind color for each of your existing colors.

Cool tools 😎

*The project featured in this post’s header image is ~mxstudio, who created the site for their collaborative design agency *led by KT Duffy, using Glitch.