By Glitch Team

May 5, 2022

Last month on Glitch, the April 2022 edition

Sometimes it feels like time is going by so fast, but as 2022 hops on from month to month we find that taking time out to reflect on the things that happen each month helps to demonstrate just how much is accomplished by the Glitch community each and every day. Recognizing your hard work, the kindness that you put out into the world, and the sense of wonder created by your imaginative projects is a constant reminder of how much curiosity and joy exists and the potential to discover even more.

To complement that work, we recently gave the homepage a long look and decided to jazz things up a little. We hope you enjoy the recent update. And, in case you missed it, our director of community, Jenn Schiffer recently appeared in a webinar with friends from Fastly and EdgeMesh to discuss Democratizing the Edge where many Glitch community shoutouts happened. Let’s continue the celebration of your efforts with April’s roundup of awesome projects, playlists, and more!

True,~park by@oa495 is an oldie but came up in a discussion about accessibility and drag-and-drop implementations. It’s such a neat example, we had to share!

Games + Fun 👾

*~market-forces by @OkayHughes is a very visually satisfying art project, just watch.

Artistic Endeavors 🎨

~phone-from-dilemma by@aTylerRobertson is a fully-featured replica of Kelly Rowland's spreadsheet phone in the music video for Dilemma.

Pop culture + Cats 🐈

Cool tools 🛠

April Playlists (no skips!) ▶️

Twitter love 💖

We love hearing what you love about Glitch, and all of the unique ways the community experiences Glitch, or how it empowers them to create. Here is a recent shout-out.

The app being discussed here is ~only-the-questions created by Clive Thompson and we couldn’t agree more! Read Clive’s post on the motivation behind building this project.

The biggest thanks, of course, goes out to you—the Glitch community for continuing to make the web and the world, a fun and special and interesting place to be. As always, if you have Glitch projects or playlists you built or love and want us to feature, either share them on the forum, tweet them to us @glitch or email [email protected]—we’d love to see your work in our next roundup!

The project featured in this post’s header image is ~double-pendulum-grid by @d.carverwilliams and was posted in the oddlysatisfying subreddit. It definitely earns that placement.