By Glitch Team

September 23, 2021

Introducing Playlists, the best way to curate and share Glitch apps!

Today, we’re introducing Playlists to Glitch — bringing all the power of organizing, sharing and discovering new apps, in a way that’s as familiar and fun as the playlists you use to manage music, videos, or anything else. (And good news: we’ve migrated all existing Collections on Glitch to be playlists, so there are already over 100,000 to explore!)

Let’s take a look at Playlists

Remember making a mixed tape? Or burning a CD with your favorite songs on them? Or—what’s the modern-day equivalent—creating a playlist on your favorite streaming app? Playlists are as fun to make as they are to receive. Both activities are labors of love and creativity. Most importantly, playlists are an instrument to help our community’s projects reach the people who would most find joy in using them.

Glitch is built around an important idea, that creating and sharing apps is as important as creating and sharing photos, documents, videos or anything else. So of course it should be just as fun and easy! So that’s why we’ve created playlists. Borrowing from the familiar metaphor we’ve all come to know, playlists of apps make it easy to share a collection of apps or projects while adding useful context, for yourself or for others.

The first thing you need to know about playlists is you don’t need to know how to code to create and curate playlists. In fact, being a playlist curator is a great way to be a creator on Glitch, just like making apps is. You get all the same joys of sharing creativity with the world and doing something helpful for the community, and the opportunity for others to thank you for sharing.

Each playlist features newly styled project cards stacked vertically in the order of your choosing. To the right of the cards, curators can add notes on any app in a playlist, to explain why the app is useful, or just to help you remember what you liked about a project you saved.

Don’t forget to give your playlist a title. You can also add a description at the top, to help describe what colleagues and community members can expect from your playlist. Maybe it’s a themed playlist, or a series of tutorials, or just a collection of your greatest hits!

Play mode: To make it even easier to discover apps in playlists, we’ve made a playback mode where you can walk through all the apps in a playlist. It’s perfect for learners who want to step through a list of related apps, or just to check out a series of projects for inspiration.

Playlist curation is a great way to organize your profile, collect apps from the rest of the community, and share Glitch apps with others. That’s why we wanted to make it even easier to highlight creators. At the bottom of each playlist you curate, people will be able to see other apps and projects you’ve built. And it’s easier than ever to show the love! You can thank playlist creators right from the playlist, just like you can thank app creators everywhere on Glitch. It’s a nice way to make their day brighter, and yours too!

If you poke around, you’ll see some other updates.

Creating playlists is one way to update your Glitch profile, but we wanted to make it all look snazzy. Each individual project page has been updated to reflect the new card styles presented in playlists, as well as highlights the additional apps or projects a project creator has built, making it even easier to surface great apps from the Glitch community. The new cards style for projects also now show up in search results. Lastly, on keeping things cool: As always, we care about keeping Glitch a friendly and welcoming place for everyone, so we’ve made it simpler than ever to flag things on Glitch that might be potentially troublesome. Click the report abuse button to flag anything that’s not up to our community standards.

Some cool and new playlists

In order to spark creativity or maybe just pique your curiosity, we’re sharing some playlists the Glitch team put together to help get you started.

There’s a lot more in store for the Glitch community this fall, but we’re very excited to see what you’ll do with playlists. Playlists give us at Glitch an opportunity to showcase more of your creations to the rest of the world, too, including on /create-project and even in search results! So get out there and create some playlists, friends, and share your favorites with us at [email protected], on Twitter at @glitch, and on the Glitch forum. ☺️