By Glitch Team

July 9, 2019

Glitch Raises $30M Series A Round from Tiger Global

Glitch is three things. It's a simple tool for creating apps and websites that's enabling everyone to create on the web - whether you're a professional developer or just starting out, and even as part of a team. It's also a friendly, creative community comprised of millions of folks, from coders and designers to artists, activists, students, and educators. And it's a different kind of company - one that's setting the bar for thoughtful and ethical practices in tech, showing the industry that we can do better.

It's a big vision, and to do all those things right we need the resources to deliver. So we're announcing today that we've raised $30M in venture capital funding from Tiger Global Management.

Raising funds on our own terms #

We've been bootstrapped for almost 20 years, so the decision to raise funding wasn't one we took lightly. We know that a lot of creative communities online lost their way after taking funding, and we thought a lot about that risk. But we don't intend to repeat such mistakes, so we've raised funds on our own terms.

We're fortunate to have an incredible team, founders that have built multiple successful companies, and experienced leadership, which meant we could take our time and seek out funding in a thoughtful way, finding partners who believed in the long-term vision of what we’re trying to build. (And it’s especially unusual that we went with a single investor for the entire round of funding, to keep things simple and make sure we’re all on the same page.)

We're confident our fund-raising will only be a positive, and here's the proof: we actually closed the funding last year. We didn't announce it right away so we could show you that it's going to be good, rather than just make empty promises.

Investing in a sustainable future #

Since then we've doubled-down on building a friendly and welcoming community that's changing the way the web is made. We've grown our team of talented folks to extend our lead building innovative features that creators and developers love. We've continued to put our values into practice, honoring our core principle of valuing people - whether that's community members or the people on our team. With pay transparency, climate leave, public inclusion stats, and our open-source employee handbook, we're not just trying to say the right things, we're following through on those words by turning them into policies and practices that are unprecedented for a company at our stage.

There's a lot more to do, and we're just a small but growing company that's competing with giants. But if you're looking to take on an incredibly rewarding challenge while working with one of the most thoughtful and creative teams in tech, then take a look at our open roles. We're hiring strong, inclusive, experienced leaders across Engineering, Marketing, Design, and People.