By Glitch Team

December 1, 2021

Glitch In Bio, now community improved

We recently released Glitch in Bio, an easy to use, fully customizable link-sharing app. Since then we’ve been delighted and inspired by the amazing remixes you’ve been creating. We’ve also received lots of extremely useful feedback and suggestions for developing the project–which we couldn’t wait to get stuck into. We wanted to take advantage of how easy it is to iterate on this project and continue delivering enhancements.

You can now remix the first update of Glitch in Bio, improved by community contributions!

Connect to all of your networks more easily than ever, thanks to the newest social icons suggested or added by community members:

Accessibility improvements #

Your Glitch in Bio page can better serve everyone in your audience thanks to all of these accessibility enhancements suggested by @pixely:

A better user experience! #

And finally, a few tweaks to improve the app UX:

Updating your remix #

If you already have a remix of Glitch in Bio and want to update it, visit the main project and grab the new parts:

For social icons

Keep them coming! #

In addition to theme remixes we’ve also been seeing some very interesting developments on the app functionality that we’ll also dive into soon! The project is completely customizable–check out the help docs for tips on how to edit your remix. And don’t forget your Gitch in Bio site is also a Progressive Web App (PWA) your users can install on their devices.

We’re not done! Keep sharing your feedback and submitting your Glitch in Bio templates and we’ll keep building this project together.