By Glitch Team

August 4, 2021 (and improved!) shortcuts

One of the best parts of Glitch is that you can go from idea to sharing in seconds, and we’re always on a quest to further improve your time-to-hello-world without complicated tooling or lock-in. Last year we launched the shortcut to help that cause. Since then, we’ve seen thousands of apps created with, as well as an overwhelmingly positive response from the community!

**Now, thanks to all of your excellent feedback and shortcut requests, we’re excited to announce an entirely new**.

Now, starting up your next React app is now as simple as going to And there are similar shortcuts for all the most popular frameworks used to build on Glitch!

New Anything

But what if you don’t see your favorite framework? We’ve got you covered! You can create a shortcut for any public project on glitch by using[project-name].

Plus, here’s one more superpower: You can use to import from GitHub. Just put in front of any GitHub repo URL in your browser, and you’ll instantly have that repo imported and running on Glitch.

More shortcuts mean more kinds of developers can get to “hello, world” faster. We can’t wait to see what you create with the new, built for and inspired by feedback from the friendliest community of coders.

Have an idea for a great shortcut to add to, let us know in the Glitch forum!