By Glitch Team

November 16, 2021

Announcing Glitch In Bio, the easiest way to share your links!

As they say, and now for something completely different. Today, we are excited to share with you the latest from the Glitch lab: Glitch In Bio. It’s unlike any other Glitch launch we’ve done before—we built a mobile-friendly, free, fully customizable landing page to use as your “Link in bio.”

➡️ **Start creating your own Glitch In Bio by remixing the Glitch In Bio app right now**!

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram or TikTok or Twitch, you’ve seen people using various tools to create link pages. So how is this different? Glitch In Bio lets you direct traffic to a single link without limiting how you can share, create or customize. Since Glitch runs real apps, you have the ease of instantly publishing your links, without sacrificing access to all the parts of the web that you want to share with the world. Popular tools for building bio links severely limit what you can include and how you can customize. **They even sometimes make you pay just to link to things you want to show off! **Glitch In Bio lets you include anything the web can do, for free.

And importantly, Glitch In Bio is: