Function with Anil Dash

Function with Anil Dash is a podcast about how technology is shaping culture and communications. Host and Glitch CEO, Anil Dash, talks to developers, designers, and culture experts to understand the ways tech is changing culture, and what it means for us.

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Episode 22

Bonus: Why Online Safety is a Human Rights Issue

"It's important that people recognize one online space as part of our lives. And we have a right to live life in an equal way to other people. And then if there's abuse and violence online, it needs to be dealt with. And we don't need to excise ourselves from real life to make that happen." — Tarah Demant, Amnesty International

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Episode 9

Digital Giving for Good

As we end 2018, Anil talks with Tiffani Bell, Tiffany Mikell, and Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler, the brains behind two of the most innovative nonprofits around — Appolition and The Human Utility.

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Episode 8

Why Are Outdated Voting Machines Still Running U.S. Elections?

Anil talks about voting machines and election security with Verified Voting data consultant Matt Bernhard and former poll worker Maurice Turner, senior technologist at the Center for Democracy and Technology.

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Episode 7

Behind the Rising Labor Movement in Tech

This week on Function, Anil sits down with tech activists Leigh Honeywell, Mark S. Luckie, and Matt Rivitz, to talk about the frameworks which led to the massive protests we're seeing today from tech workers.

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Episode 6

The Wild World of Podcast Ads

We're taking a look at podcast ads this week on Function with Voxnest president Francesco Baschieri, along with NYC podcasting duo Jade + XD.

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Episode 5

Why Are Copyrights on YouTube So Confusing?

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet, but a lot of content there occupies a murky grey area with respect to copyright infringement. What's safe to use and what's not? We talk with entertainment lawyer Gordon Firemark and YouTuber and guitarist Paul Davids to find out.

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Episode 4

Should Twitter Have an Edit Button?

This week on Function, we answer one of the most frequently asked questions in tech: should Twitter have an edit button? We talk to former Twitter engineer Leslie Miley, and former NPR social media editor Andy Carvin to find out.