Function with Anil Dash

Function with Anil Dash is a podcast about how technology is shaping culture and communications. Host and Glitch CEO, Anil Dash, talks to developers, designers, and culture experts to understand the ways tech is changing culture, and what it means for us.

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Episode 22

Bonus: Why Online Safety is a Human Rights Issue

"It's important that people recognize one online space as part of our lives. And we have a right to live life in an equal way to other people. And then if there's abuse and violence online, it needs to be dealt with. And we don't need to excise ourselves from real life to make that happen." — Tarah Demant, Amnesty International

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Episode 21

Bonus: Live from Texas Tribune Fest: Reclaiming Community On the Web

"I think if I had to say, the one takeaway from the years of that work is that the internet and the technologies we use every day are fundamentally human constructs.... The things that we presume or assume to be computational are often human processes and even when they are computerized they are reflecting those human norms and positions." — Sarah T. Roberts

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Episode 20

How To Save the 2020 Election: Stopping Fake News

This week on Function, Anil talks to Avaaz campaigns director Fadi Quran about how tech is used to target groups of people and spread disinformation.

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Episode 19

How to Save the 2020 Election: Journalism and Social Media

What happens when social networks become social media, and tech starts making editorial decisions? Anil talks with NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen about the problems the press will face ahead of the 2020 election.

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Episode 18

Purple Reign: What it Was Like to Work with Prince

This week, Anil continues his discussion of Prince's complicated relationship with technology, and talks with Prince's former manager Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, and his former web designer, Sam Jennings.

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Episode 17

Computer Blue: Prince's Online Legacy

This week on Function, Anil takes us through Prince’s complicated relationship with technology through his eyes and the eyes of super fans Jay Smooth (social commentator and radio host) and Andrea Swensson (Twin Cities writer/author and radio host).

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Episode 16

American as Apple Pie: How Racism Gets Baked into Technology

This week on Function, Anil sits down with Ruha Benjamin, James Cadogan, and Kristin Bechtel to discuss how racist intent finds it way into modern software.