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From Games to Tools for Work, Every Good Idea Can Become Your Own App

There's so much you can do with Glitch's new features, we asked around to see what our first members were doing with their boosting capabilities.

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Glitch Party Starter Kit

Make your own custom free invitation, guestbook, photo booth, and more apps made on, the friendly community where anyone can create the web.

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Discord Bots Starter Kit: Making your first bot, easy

Make and customize your first bots using Discord and Glitch.

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Video Chat With OpenTok on Glitch

What if you could build your own version of Zoom or Google Hangouts? Using Glitch and OpenTok, the opportunity awaits you!

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Make a Web Map with Leaflet

How to make a web map with Leaflet, a JavaScript library for making interactive web maps.

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Meet Your GitHub BFF: Probot the Robot

Get up and running with Probot, a framework for building Github Apps, on Glitch. Have Probot handle GitHub chores - and even help with project management and community-building tasks.

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