Glimmer is produced by Glitch, the coding platform and friendly creative community. With a growing library of over four million apps, anyone can use Glitch’s powerful code editor to remix existing apps or build their own from scratch. And with our support, partner companies are improving their documentation, reducing their time-to-hello-world, and connecting with entirely new developer audiences.

Reaching New Audiences and Users

Glitch represents millions of people at the forefront of digital culture, and our technology is used by some of the best developers working today, including teams at Spotify, Twitter, IBM, Quartz, Slack, and more. Glitch's in-house development team works with partners to launch apps within our friendly user community, whether you need light development support or someone to build a concept from scratch.

Glitch's embeddable apps are also the fastest way to help developers jump into your existing documentation. Host and manage your API starters or full stack sample apps on Glitch while seamlessly including them in your own developer resources. Our team is here to show you how.

Your Next Successful Launch Starts on Glitch

When your brand launches on Glitch, a verified Teams page becomes your new home base. Publish sample code, organize annotated collections, and share it all with coders and creatives in our community. And at Glitch's in-house magazine Glimmer, our partners sponsor podcasts, publish exclusive interviews and essays, and enjoy customized campaigns across our media properties.

When you work with Glitch, you're in good company. We've partnered with companies like Mozilla, Google, Discovery Channel, and many more. Whether your goal is to launch a new product, educate folks on your existing product, or to create entirely new and unique experiences on the web, the opportunity awaits to reach new people who will love your work.

Are you ready to get started, or have an idea you don’t see here? Get in touch:

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How to build a “scrollytelling” map using Mapbox and Glitch

Mapbox's new Interactive Storytelling template is out and available on Glitch, ready for you to dive in creating guided narratives with a fully interactive map and little to no code.

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Get Your Remix On with Glitch at Capitol Royale

Glitch is headed to Los Angeles for Capitol Royale November 15-17! Read on for information on our hackathon, and other special appearances!

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Visualizing responses from Data for Progress' Presidential Primary First Debate Survey

Data for Progress and YouGov Blue have been fielding a massive survey of Democratic primary voters across the US. Explore one of the results datasets right here in Glitch!

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How we built an app for crowdsourcing questions for interviews

Collect, manage, share interview-style questions from conference event attendees and audiences using the customizable, free Glitch app.

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Glitch Brings Appy Hour to XOXO

Glitch is coming to XOXO, the premiere experimental festival for artists and creators who make stuff online.

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Build your own Material Theme on Glitch

Define your theme, see it in action, and get the code with Google's Material Theme Builder on Glitch.