Glimmer Archives - Original essays, interviews, and features on the biggest trends in tech and culture. This collection was sourced from Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 by the Glitch media team.

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The Changing Work of Freelancing, in Photos

Coding, drawing, songwriting, designing: the ways in which freelancers apply transferable skills to new environments is changing the way work is defined, and the tech they use are driving how they apply those skills.

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Who Wrote That Hit Song? It Depends on How Human They Are. 

If AI-written creative works are the future, why don't we know more about it?

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Conference Tools Weren't Designed to Be Social Networks

Does Zoom actually have the right tools to let people communicate in these new ways? Does any video conferencing tool have that?

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In Poland, VR is Teaching People How to Bake Bread

While baking is a Polish institution, virtual reality baking is just getting started.

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Fandoms and Fundraising: How BTS Fans Created a Global Charity

Fans are using social platforms for good, despite the uncompensated time and energy it requires.

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The Boldest American Consumer Privacy Statute in a Generation is in Flux

The California Consumer Privacy Act should give consumers far more control over the data that companies collect about them, but it all depends on how the law's implementation defines what personal information is.

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How Melody Loveless Makes Computer Code Sing

A mainstay in New York City's livecoding scene, a movement of digital artists who write music and visuals on the fly, Melody Loveless creates in a space between high-concept art and dreamy electro-pop.

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With Music Tech, DJs Once Changed the Dancefloor. Now the Dancefloor Changes the DJ.

Being a DJ in 2020 is not like what it used to be, writes culture and music writer Wolfgang Ruth, as the career comes with accessibility and technology that once didn’t exist.

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Bundle Up: How Music Charts in the Streaming Era

The music industry and online fandoms are redefining which songs make it to the top music charts by doing so much more than listening. The most popular music in the world is changing before our eyes, thanks to streaming and bundling.

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