Glimmer Archives - Original essays, interviews, and features on the biggest trends in tech and culture. This collection was sourced from Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 by the Glitch media team.

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Working with Empathy: Q&A with Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips

We asked the 'Future of Feeling' author how to manage healthy communications and sustaining relationships in a remote-work, shelter-in-place environment.

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Coming To a Tab Near You: The U.S. Supreme Court

Welcome to oral arguments via teleconference. Please mute your line.

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Pop Up: The Aesthetic of Art Museums

During the past decade, brand-sponsored experiential exhibitions took social feeds by storm. Some call them museums—but they are distinct from traditional galleries because the subject is you, Sarah Wernher writes.

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When Twitter’s Private Chat Goes Down, the Public Roars 

Will DMs ever be recognized as social media?

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Better Tech: Why We Need Calm Technology Now More Than Ever

Welcome to Better Tech, a new column written by Caroline Sinders. This edition features an exploration of calm technology.

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New Rules of the Classroom: Remote Teaching in the Age of Covid-19

A fourth-generation teacher confronts the vast ocean of online learning tools.

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