Mythbusters Jr.

Six of the nation’s most talented kids team up with Adam Savage. Together they’ll tackle a variety of myths and decide if they’re… BUSTED, PLAUSIBLE, or CONFIRMED! Find out on the all new series, MythBusters Jr.

Wednesdays at 9p on SCIENCE

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Episode 7: Countdown to Gas-tastrophe

Most human flatus contains methane — a reliable energy source — but just how much energy? Time for the team to find out!

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Episode 6: Shredder Explosion

Could canned air make a paper shredder explode? And is it true that you can't make mayo during a lightning storm?

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Episode 5: Gravity Busters

Can a 2,000 pound car "hover" when it's dropped from on high? And just how long of a line can a standard no. 2 pencil make?

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Episode 4: Demolition Dominoes

Is the force used to topple successive dominoes strong enough to crush a car? And can you keep a Jenga tower of wooden blocks upright by pulling out the bottom block?

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Episode 3: Battery Blast

Does an arrow truly fly straight? And can a common lithium-ion battery cause a fire that could explode a garbage truck?

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Episode 2: Dynamite Air Freshener

Will a spark turn a can of air freshener into an explosive? And just how much water can a wet dog shake off?