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Announcements and happenings from Glitch HQ

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Glitch Year in Review

We have had an amazing year here at Glitch, and it's all thanks to our wonderful community of creators. Here are some of the highlights!

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Details of the Glitch outage on November 4th, 2019

To help understand this outage and what we’ve learned from it, we want to share with you what happened and why it took so long to resolve.

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An Open Board

Today, we're doing something unprecedented in pushing for accountability and inclusion for a tech company: We're making an open call for a board member.

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Glitch Raises $30M Series A Round from Tiger Global

We have a big vision, and to do things right we need the resources to deliver. So we're announcing today that we've raised $30M in funding.

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Glitch Now Has More Apps than Apple's App Store - 2.5 Million of Them

Imagine if an app store was filled with millions of apps created by regular people, not just professional developers. That's Glitch!

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It's Possible to Build a Big, Important Tech Company That Is Ethical, Too

At Glitch, we're building that company. One that's here to push the tech world to do better and do nothing less than set the standard for thoughtful and ethical practices in tech.